About Us:

Fiberge has been in business in the beautiful Montgomery area for several years, we recently have relocated to the Gateway Quarter of Downtown Cincinnati! We are excited to be a participating in the redevelopmentnt of this fantastic area. Fiberge is now surrounded by wonderful restaurants, shopping, art, and the beautiful new Washington park!

As a fairly new resident to Cincinnati a few years ago I was looking for a place to share my farily new love of knitting, make friends and to be truthful I needed help fixing my knitting mistakes!! During this search my personal life was turned up side down by the loss of loved ones. As I made sense of the losses I kept continually telling myself life is short...what would I do if I could do anything in the world..well the answer was clear, knit and teach others!!! The idea of owning a yarn shop was ridiculous to my family and friends. So in the quest I left a lucrative career in exchange for being an entrepreneur. As of this date Fiberge has taught almost 900 Cincinnatians the art of knitting!

Knitting is the most portable and inexpesive or as expensive art or hobbies you will find! Our goal is to have a fun un-intimidating environment for learning the art of knitting and crochet. We try to give hope to those who think they could never knit, as I was barely intermeediate when I opened Fiberge! This is where I say thank you to my wonderful staff and students over the last few years who have taught me techniques, pattern reading, fibers, and everything in between!

Our current fantastic staff includes Shop Manager Katherine Sproull, knitter, felter, spinner, potter, artist of everything in between, Nancy Morris, Crochet Teacher and Manager of Awesome (started knitting in the 60's!), Celeste Sheets artist, knitter, jewlery designer (Savage Juliet)! Our staff is here to provide you with assistance and share our knowledge of the art of knitting and crochet.


General Instruction and Policies:

Help? What do I do with this yarn, what is my next step etc...? Fiberge offers Project Assitance Hours Daily from 11-1 and 4-6. These hours are set aside to better assist our customers with minor knitting problems such as pattern interrpretation, dropped stitches, accidental yarn overs, etc...Should you need further instructions we are available for scheduling private lessons that will fit your schedule at $20 per half hour.

Classes are to be paid for at the time of registration, 24 hours cancellation is required for refund of class. Should the class not be filled we will grant a full refund should the conductor of the class choose to cancel.

We will Hold yarn for customers for 48 hours, yarn will be put back on the shelf after this time.

Fiberge will accept returns and issue a store credit after 7 days of the purchase, a recpiet must be supplied to be qualified for the return, yarn must be in original condition with ball band. Sales on all patterns and "sale" items are final!!

Special Orders must be paid in full at the time of the order, we will give all products a two week lead time, should special order items not arrive or are on Backorder for more than two weeks a full refund will be granted to the customer.

Due to Health Consideration and hygeine, Fiberge can no longer accpet returns on needles. We will however provide in house needles should you like to knit a swatch and measure guage before purchase of needles.